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24 bit vs 16 bit

Just had to share this review for you. A positive feedback and a discussion about 24 bit vs 16 bit music files.

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We have a temporary problem with our mailservers. Should be up and running within a few hours.
Our store is functioning as normal!

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An Extravaganza

We hear from Christian Lindberg that he gets a lot of positive feedback for his latest album. Well deserved!

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As soon as we get hold of these files, they will be up in our store:

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We get questions on how to find albums with these sample rates.
Search for 96000hz och 88200hz in the free search, and you’ll find the albums.How to find 96000hz

More albums with these sample rates are coming up…

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Armenian Rhapsody

Here is a recording made in the Armenian capital of Jerevan. The album offers a rare opportunity to sample music by Armenian composers.

Read more about this album here:

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Autumn in the Northern hemisphere, Spring in the southern. The seasons come and go. Vivaldi and Glazunov are two composers who were inspired by the seasons.

Vivaldi – The 4 Seasons

Glazunov – The Seasons

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